U-Pick Strawberries

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Mid May – Mid June

U-Pick Strawberries

Sometimes we have extra strawberries before, during or after Strawberry Days. We’ll offer U-Pick tickets for guests who would like to simply pick strawberries and not participate in the Strawberry Days event.

  • To get notified when extra berries are ripe for U-Pick, please share your mobile number below, and we’ll send you a message when berries are ripe.

This page is info about U-Pick Strawberries outside of Strawberry Days. Learn more about Strawberry Days here.
If we need to adjust a picking time or cancel a pick, it will be announced here.

Plan Your Visit

  • Please read this whole page so you’re ready for the next ticket release.
  • $2.95 for a field pass
  • Berries are $4.99/lb
U-Pick strawberry ticket

A $2.95 field pass exclusively for strawberry picking and does not include farm activities or Strawberry Days admission.

  • We use an online ticketing system to balance the number of pickers with available ripe fruit to ensure every picker has a good experience.
  • U-Pick Strawberry Tickets will be released as extra berries ripen on our production farm or at Blooms & Berries Farm Market.

  • Ticket availability and farm location will be announced via text message first and possibly on our social media accounts (FB & IG).

    • Share your mobile number to be notified when extra fruit is ripe and be the FIRST in the field!

U-Pick Prices

  • Berries will be paid for in the field. Please bring payment with you when picking.
  • A Field Pass is required: $2.95 per person age 2 and up.
  • Berries are $4.99 lb.

What to Bring

  • Guests will walk to the field, total walking distance may exceed 1,000 ft of uneven farm field terrain.
  • Boots or older shoes are strongly encouraged.
  • Picking Pails will be provided.

  • Strollers will be challenging to navigate in the strawberry field.


Are your Berries Organic?2024-06-03T12:24:03+00:00

Our Berries are not 100% organically produced. However, we use many natural practices on our farm, and we grow our berries with your family and our children in mind knowing that safety is our highest priority.

How does the crop look this year?2024-06-03T12:23:58+00:00

Our crop looks good but picking conditions change daily with the weather and picking pressure. Please always check this page for up-to-date picking conditions.

Why the ticket system?2024-06-03T12:23:53+00:00


Will you pick this Saturday/Sunday?2024-06-03T12:23:49+00:00

Picking dates are determined by the crop, weather, and several other factors. We usually know picking dates and times only a day or so before we pick as strawberries are fragile and ripening can be difficult to predict in advance.

Are dogs allowed in the field?2024-06-03T12:23:44+00:00

We love dogs, but we cannot allow them in our U-pick field for food safety reasons. Please leave your pets at home for this farm visit.

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