In the spring of 1999, Cathy Probst and her late husband David moved back to the family farm to work the earth and teach their children the value of hard work.

Cathy began growing an assortment of plants in a small greenhouse that David built, and they fired up the old 1957 tractor and plowed enough ground to plant 5,000 strawberry plants. At that moment, Blooms & Berries Farm Market was born.

Roadside produce stands soon became a cornerstone of the business. It was by working and growing these locations that their son Jeff paid for college. In 2005, David passed away. Jeff graduated the following year and soon returned to the farm where he and Cathy began growing the business into the agritourism destination it is today.

In 2021, Jeff’s wife Emily left a 14 year corporate career to join the farm full-time. Learning from Cathy, Emily has helped grow the garden center and farm market offerings.

Now, Jeff and Emily have two kids, and the fourth generation is growing up with a love of our beautiful farm, picking fruit, planting flowers, working with the animals and helping out in the bakery.

We’d love to share our beautiful farm with you and your loved ones too.  Please check check our current open hours and come enjoy our Market Barn, Bakery & whichever seasonal crop we’re celebrating today!

~Jeff, Emily & Cathy Probst